Central and Eastern Europe in the Global Context

March/April 2007

Central and Eastern Europe in the Global Context

While the emerging markets of India and China are very visible, and are the "hot topics" for media and analysts alike, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a whole enjoys somewhat less media space. The individual CEE countries alone may find it hard to compete with the emerging giants of China and India. But as a region encompassing a diverse yet coherent set of countries with cultural, business and geographical proximity to Western Europe, it provides for a growing market as well as smart outsourcing location.

This article provides some basic comparisons of the CEE region with China and India - where they differ markedly and where they share similarities. Full article.

Business and Management Practices in China

#85 Volume 18 Issue 1
MultiLingual Computing

Business and Management Practices in China

Today, more than two centuries after British envoy Lord Macartney returned from China after his spectacular flop in attempting to strike diplomatic and business relations between the two countries, the world - and China - is a different place. Chinese national pride and self-sufficiency is as strong as ever; and, the international exchange of goods and services is accelerating. As foreign companies continue to establish their presence in China, native Chinese enterprises become stronger at home and look increasingly toward international (and hence multilingual and multicultural) markets.

"Business and Management Practices in China" provides a hands-on overview on doing business in China from the Western viewpoint, collected as Moravia established offices worldwide over the past 17 years, including a production center in Nanjing, China. The differing management approaches and cultures in North and South America, Europe, and in Japan and China, are compared, covering topics such as employee motivation and loyalty, authority and leadership, workforce engagement, wealth, compensation and recognition. Full article.



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