Localization Testing Explained (Webinar)

This free webinar (37 min) provides an overview of software localization testing and the best practices today.

This free webinar (37 minutes) provides a comprehensive overview of software localization testing and insights into the best practices that exist in this area today. Covering the key aspects of localization testing and how they fit together, the webinar includes practical, actionable information and live examples, with a focus on:

  • A high-level overview and introduction to localization testing and what makes it different when compared with other types of testing
  • The why, the how and the when of typical components of localization testing, including:
    • Build acceptance testing
    • GUI testing
    • Functional testing
    • Software localization engineering
  • The important things to remember when it comes to localization testing

Webinar viewers can take away

  • A 360-degree of localization testing.
  • An appreciation of individual components of localization testing, and how they fit together.
  • Best practices covering the rationale behind individual components of localization testing, how they should be best conducted, and at which stage.
  • Live examples of localization testing components described.

Who should view

Anyone interested in a high-level overview and introduction of localization testing, and what best practices exist in the area today.

About the Presenter

Jiri Machala is Test Development Manager at Moravia's dedicated Testing and Engineering unit. He is responsible for running the team of experts who develop the company's automation and test development solutions.

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