Webinar: New Model for Partnerships in MT

This free webinar (57 min) provides insights into using MT to expand the dialogue with the global customer.

Watch this free 57-minute webinar to gain insights into how the effective combination of linguistic services and Machine Translation (MT) technologies best helps realize the potential for global enterprises to expand their dialog with the global customer and drive international revenues.

Presented by Bob Myers and Kirti Vashee, Asia Online's Vice President of Enterprise Translation Sales, the webinar focuses on how the Asia Online/Moravia partnership leverages the strengths of both to help global enterprises to both reduce global support costs and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Understanding the Role of MT
  • Basic Overview of the MT Technology
  • The Changing Support Landscape
  • Strategies for Translating Large Knowledge Bases
  • The Importance of Linguistic Steering
  • MT Engine Development & Post-Editing to Quality
  • Language Studio Pro Overview
  • Process & Pricing Overviews

The webinar concludes with practical recommendations for companies that are considering implementing MT, or who are looking to improve and expand their existing MT use to drive their global businesses.

Expanding the Dialogue with the Global Customer

Maintaining good customer relationships has become a key to building long term corporate value in the Web 2.0 world. As products become more sophisticated and more complex, global customers have more questions than ever before. The global customer prefers not to wait to get answers to their questions, and they want the information in their own language.

Companies are being asked to make more information available to their customers and self-service is the new best practice for superior e-Support. The increasing penetration of the web into our lives has changed the expectations of the customer and they want information now. The content explosion is well documented and continues to gain momentum.

For many global enterprises the fastest growing and highest potential markets are those where English is not the lingua franca. This combination of content growth and globalization means that multilingual content becomes a key to international business success.

Research by the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) shows that traditional technical customer support organizations are now serving only 2-3% of the demand for customer support. The bulk of this demand for support has shifted to self-service knowledge bases and community forums.

About Moravia Worldwide and Asia Online

Asia Online and Moravia Worldwide formed a partnership in October 2009, designed to provide clients with value-added automated translation solutions based on Asia Online's Language StudioTM platform and Moravia's linguistic and technology services. The two companies teamed up to serve customers with high-volume translation needs across a range of quality requirements and areas of specialization. As part of the partnership, Moravia was designated a "Center of Excellence" for provision of the Asia Online statistical machine translation (SMT) platform and services.

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