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Your website is your face to the world.  Its mission is to deliver dazzling brand experiences to global customers. What’s your plan for getting it right?

Fact: visitors stay on a website twice as long, and are 30% more likely to buy from it, if it’s in their own language.

Localization is no longer optional.

Your website is your gateway to the global market. Make a great first impression. Pull people in and make them stay. Encourage the purchase and provide support. Help people love your brand. Sound good? It’s time to call us.

Moravia's Website Globalization Solutions recreate the experience of your website for each new market. How?

  • Marketing Localization—not just doing a word-for-word translation, but making the content culturally appropriate.
  • Multimedia Localization—multimedia engages users like no other type of content. We translate and engineer banners, videos, and other interactive content.
  • Internationalization—before loc, we analyze, test, and engineer to make sure that your code is ready to handle other languages.
  • Cultural adaptation—sometimes you have to adjust colors, icons, and images to avoid negative connotations in each market.
  • Testing—this is the key to a good user experience. We make sure the localized site works just the same as the original with functional testing. Linguistic testing checks the accuracy and consistency of the translations after your website is built.
  • Multilingual Website Management—time to get it out there. We can work in your Web Content Management System (WCMS) to publish websites, maintain content, and update pages.

Your website is the entry point to new markets, allowing customers to fully experience your brand through the buying cycle: research, purchase, and support. Connect with them through a site that is translated, tested, and totally local—and watch your revenue soar.

If you're ready to make sure your website packs the emotional punch of your brand in each market, we're Moravia. We deliver the best online experience to your customers through the globalization of your website.

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