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Do your customers have a satisfying and bug-free experience with your software? Your global revenue depends on it.

You’ve had wild success in your home market and it’s time to go worldwide.  You know that people are 50% more likely to buy a product that has been localized over one that hasn’t.  Customer satisfaction is higher too, and when they’re happy, they will recommend your product and repeat their purchase. This is part of your future...once you localize.

But make no mistake: software localization is complex.  It’s no small thing to go from one language to another and maintain usability and functionality. Your worldwide users deserve software that meets their language and ease-of-use requirements.  This is where we come in.

What do we do?

  • Internationalize: test and fix to make sure the product is optimized for localization
  • Translate: convert your UI and code from one language to another
  • Engineer: generate the software builds
  • Test: do linguistic or functionality testing to check for language or usage bugs
  • Bug fix: correct the defects we find during testing

Your brand name and reputation took you years to develop, but a low-quality app can take you down quickly.  You need an experienced language services partner who provides the full gamut of software localization services, and customizes them to your unique product needs and global ambitions.

You want anyone, anywhere be able to use and enjoy your product, right? We’re Moravia. We help make your software as local and user-friendly as possible—globally.

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