Mobile Localization

There are 4 million apps for smartphones and tablets between Apple iOS and Android. How is yours going to stand out in all that noise?

On top of that:

  • The number of mobile phone subscribers globally is near 5 billion
  • 90% of activity on mobile devices occurs in apps

That's an enormous potential market. And an epic fail if your app doesn't work.

About half of all apps get downloaded, used once, and then deleted by unsatisfied users. Don't let this happen to you. Your consumer will expect an experience that looks, feels, sounds, and performs as if it were created in their home town. Specifically for them.

So how is your app going to survive and thrive? Provide it in your users' languages. Adapt content so that it is appropriate for each market. Test it. Make sure it's easy to use.

Getting localization right has never been so important. We’re here for you.

Moravia will provide you with the total package: we offer design help, translation and localization, and engineering and testing of your applications.  We also do App Store optimization (ASO): maximizing the marketing approach and promoting it in iTunes, Google Play, and more, to boost global downloads.

And for you engineer types, we can:

  • Design a UI that handles foreign character sets and even right-to-left languages
  • Prepare your app for localization through code review
  • Implement best practices in mobile app development for global markets
  • Anticipate the display and keyboard challenges of devices built for foreign markets
  • Provide a positive purchasing experience for your buyers in their own languages
  • Test your app for any language on any device with any mobile operating system

If you want to launch your app in the worldwide market and see impressive revenue growth, we’re Moravia. We localize mobile apps for the world’s most high-profile brands and up-and-comers alike.

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