Translation and Localization

You’ve burst your borders, doing business way beyond your home country.

That’s a huge achievement—and not something you can take for granted.

It’s time to make sure you can serve international markets just as effectively as your home market. To make every customer feel like they’re a click away from home.

Whatever your product or industry, the biggest challenge to international selling is getting translation and localization right.

It’s imperative if you’re a large global company, because international revenue may well make up more than half of your revenue. That means going further by developing products and services specifically tailored to your local customers.

But it’s even more vital if you’re a small, fast-growing company just starting to sell overseas. You want to make a splash, so great localization of your product and promotional material is a must for breaking into a market.

Our suite of translation and localization services is designed for the digital age. Everything we do is customized to bring your products and content to new markets quickly and cost-effectively—and we want them to soar.


We are word-nerds.  Creative words.  Technical words.  In over 170 languages. We provide high-quality, timely, and fairly-priced translation services that boost your growth in new markets.

Marketing Localization

Sleek marketing content needs a different approach than user documentation. Transcreation and marketing localization preserve the message and emotion behind your brand.

Multimedia Localization

Our Publishing & Media Group provides audio, video, animation, and elearning and multimedia solutions. Global interactivity is a specialty of ours.

Software Localization

Moravia can help you reach global markets with high-quality localized software that meets the language and functionality requirements of worldwide users.

Website Globalization

Your website is the cornerstone of customer experience in your global markets. Let us optimize your highly visible online content and deliver value to your clients.

Mobile Localization

Whether it’s an app, or a game, mobile localization is key to reaching the digital consumer. We provide translation and all the testing so users will love your apps.

Machine Translation

Moravia provides MT deployment and post-editing.  Sometimes MT is the best way to get your content out there quickly, and to translate more content than you would have thought possible.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Because of language expansion and typography issues it’s not a given that localized documents will look the same as the original. Our DTP team creates clean and consistent localized layouts.

Search Engine Optimization

Why bother putting content online if no one can find it—in any market? Optimize your keywords, page hits, and search result rankings through multilingual SEO and SEM services.

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