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Got tools, but they don’t talk to each other? Still wasting time on manual processes? This is where we shine.

CAT tools, TMS, CMS, workflow systems, automation…they’re all designed to improve productivity and provide cost savings—and you’ve done well by implementing some. But are you getting the most out of them? Not optimizing and integrating the tools you’ve already spent money on is a business crime. 

Those tools may work great in isolation, but they aren’t doing as much as they can for you—and in today’s fast-paced digital world that means you will get left in the dust. You need an end-to-end process that supports your complex, fast-turnaround, high-volume projects.  Only when your technology is optimized can you be agile. 

Our tech geeks maintain expertise in all the industry-leading tools. They can look at what you’ve already got, get a handle on your program’s needs, recommend the best solution, and integrate and customize your tools to give you a smooth process machine that helps you get your product and content out to market quickly 

We get started by analyzing your program’s needs. Then we identify ways to optimize your current workflow and tools, and build custom connections between systems. We will recommend additional tools—but only if they are needed. And we stick with you as your program changes: we work with you to continually optimize for quality and agility.

To help our clients integrate and automate their toolsets, we’ve developed a flexible platform called Symfonie. It can help bridge the gap between tools: Symfonie’s publicly available API allows our technology team to connect CAT, TMS, and CMS. (For example, a connection to a CMS can automatically pull new content to translate into a TMS.) You get streamlined project processes and the manual work goes way down.  

If you’re ready to take your localization program to the next level through efficient technology workflows and automated processes, we’re Moravia. We build comprehensive technology solutions by integrating and customizing tools to help our clients reach the next level of global growth.

For more information on how our Integrations and Customizations services could help you get the best ROI out of your toolset and improve your time to market, please complete the Request for Information form and we will get back to you shortly, or see other options for contacting us.