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Want cost savings of up to 25%? Optimize your processes.  We can help you get lean and mean.

Our engineers are proud tech nerds. They live to create process improvements and love to recommend the right technology.

What can we do for you?

Workflow Audits and Enhancements

It’s one of the easiest ways to reduce localization time and costs: putting best practices in place.  If your localization workflows have not been audited or updated in some time, it’s time to give them a look.

We’ll send an expert loc engineer to review your current workflows, figure out where your trouble spots are, and advise how a technology or process change could give you a boost. Then we send in the team to bring the new workflow to life.  We also have the brainpower to do custom software development if your program calls for that.

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Translation Management System (TMS) Consulting

Choosing a Translation Management System (TMS) can be overwhelming unless you have deep knowledge of all the systems and their features. Our tech team has you covered on this one.

We are full service: we will help you shop, select, set up, and support the right TMS. First we look at your internal needs, existing tools, and program goals. Then we help you find potential tools that may be a good fit. And finally, we deploy and customize the tool you choose.  We can even provide ongoing support for new users, process documentation, and user training.

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Integrations and Customizations

Many of you have already invested in tools such as Translation Management Systems (TMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS) to organize your content, centralize your workflow, and automate your tasks. A great achievement. But without the right configuration and optimization, you haven’t taken full advantage of your purchase.

Our tech geeks can customize industry-standard tools to achieve their full-featured glory.  They can also integrate your TMS and CMS so that they talk to each other, making work flow back and forth in a beautiful loop. We’ve built a flexible platform—Symfonie—to help do just that. Symfonie also has workflow and data reporting functionality that some of those off-the-shelf tools just don’t have.  And it automates a lot of tasks like job creation, file prep, notifications, file handoffs, and handbacks and deliveries.

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Machine Translation Deployment

It’s likely that you can’t localize as much content as you want, don’t have the speed you need for certain types of content, want to bring productivity up, or (and?) need to bring down costs. We feel your pain.  Machine Translation (MT) might help you.  We provide smart MT solutions at a program level, not just some off-the-shelf software. We’ll build you a customized MT solution with best-fit technology, the right level of post-editing, and meaningful quality and productivity data.

Our expert MT team will look at your content for viability, do all the research, and design the process. Once that’s all set up, we translate and post-edit.

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Do you want to take your loc program to the next level?  We’re Moravia. We help global brands boost their ROI quickly with best practices and tools.