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Teams. Management. Process. Technology. These are the factors involved in running an internal program.
Building one requires deep know-how, time, and resources.

Setting up and running a business unit is overwhelming when it’s not your core business. You have to divert time, budget, and personnel to run secondary functions like a helpdesk, a writing team, a localization department, or a testing unit. Then there’s process development and often technology deployments. Keeping up on management and improvements can be a real challenge.

You can completely hand it over to us. Moravia’s Total Program Outsourcing solutions will set up, take over and manage an entire business function.  We hire managers and team members in each required country, and build out processes and support technology. Once the program is running, we’re always looking for ways to reduce cost and speed up work. Once we provide one full service, we can ramp up to provide more and more. All at global scale. Services such as:

  • Localization Program Management: let us provide the entire infrastructure, including Project Managers, Program Managers, Language Leads, and Engineers.
  • Language Quality Review: expert third-party linguists and subject matter experts follow structured scorecards and methodologies to ensure accuracy of your localized content.
  • Testing: we can manage your entire testing operation, including recruiting and managing the team, setting up the environment, developing test cases, performing the tests and bug fixing.
  • Content Development: we can build an international team to write highly local content for all your target markets.

To start a Total Program Outsourcing engagement, we interview you to understand your business needs and how they are currently being managed. Then we build a tailored program and an extensive outsourcing plan that resolve your challenges, including all HR tasks (recruiting and staffing, including managing labor law issues in each country), building KPI agreements and other governance measures, and putting process and technology in place.

Total Program Outsourcing provides benefits like:

  • No need to increase your headcount
  • No requirements for internal expertise in technology or process
  • Insulation from labor law issues related to hiring in other countries
  • Relief from HR concerns—performance management, benefits, day-to-day management, etc.
  • Continual improvement—built-in
  • Deliverable-based measurements based on agreed KPIs
  • Freedom to focus on the core business

Many Fortune 100 enterprises have entrusted us to handle one or more of their services, saving them up to 40% in total program costs through efficiencies, processes, and flexible resourcing.

If you are ready to outsource a non-core business function, we're Moravia. We take over cost-center functions supplemental to your core product work, leaving you to focus on what you excel at.