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A consistent, clear message leads to credibility.  And credibility makes people believe in your brand.  Make sure your content stays the course in your global markets—and people will believe that your product is trustworthy too. 

Enter linguistic assets.

The trio of linguistic assets—Translation Memories, Terminology Databases, and Style Guides—work together to make sure your message is crystal clear—wherever you do business.

Translation Memories

Translation Memories (TMs) help linguists leverage translations that have already been approved.  Why translate content again? You can get up to 30% reuse over time. Recycling that good stuff increases consistency and has the added bonus of bringing down your costs.

We’ll manage your TMs from start to finish, including creating new TMs, cleaning and validating contents, and maintaining the master.

Terminology Databases

It can be confusing if everyone uses different terms for the same concept—and a mess if this happens in all languages. Consistent terminology helps your content ring true in the market.

Our Terminology Management Services include termlist creation, translation, and updates like additions, deletions, and revisions. We’ll keep your glossary clean to make sure there is no confusion of terms—no duplicates, false synonyms, outdated terms, or incorrect usages. We also design processes to make sure the terms are used consistently.

Style Guides

You’ve painstakingly made your brand distinct from competitors in your home market. It captivates and motivates. It inspires. How do you keep that going on a global scale?

A Style Guide makes sure that your translators understand your identity—what you stand for and the feelings your brand creates—and can replicate it correctly for each market.

We translate and adapt your original Style Guide for each locale. We work directly with your creative agency. We will also gladly train everyone on the conventions and guidelines in those new Style Guides.

Through strategic management of your company's vital linguistic assets, we help protect your brand image, improve consistency, save money, and keep the translation machine humming along.
If you want to make sure your vibe stays true in each market, and that you reuse all that amazing past content, we’re Moravia. We create consistency and help promote brand trust—globally—for the world’s most recognized brands.