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Well done! You've localized your product for all of your target markets. You know the source product was functionally perfect, but how do you know that your localized versions are ready for their global debut?

Sometimes the localization process introduces errors: often loc happens outside of the product build, so translators can’t see the context. Plus, pesky bugs in the source code could trickle through to localized versions if not caught earlier.

No problem! We find any linguistic or functional errors introduced in the localization process. We fix them. No misalignment, overlap, extra or missing controls. No scrambled dialog boxes. No truncations or text bleeding caused by text expansion. Correct date, time and calendar formats. Accuracy in currency conversions and monetary symbols. Error-free metric conversions, number formats, and separators. (That's a lot!)

Where do we do this? We maintain three secure testing labs: Brno, Czech Republic, Nanjing, China, and Monterey, California. We can build teams of resources in-country, in our labs, or a mix of the two.

Plus, we offer linguistic testing to check for translation accuracy in-context, and UX testing to make sure users can complete tasks like making a payment or filling out a form.

We're Moravia. If you want to make sure users love your app, then let us design a localization testing solution for your software, website or mobile app that will make sure it's easy to use, and accurately translated for all of your global users.

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