Linguistic Testing

You've spent a lot of time and budget localizing your application or website. You've tested it to make sure it works like it should. But have you verified that linguistic errors didn't pop up during localization?

Linguistic accuracy and quality cement your users' confidence in your product. Clear and clean translations will boost the perception of your brand in the local market. Accurate translations will reduce the need for customer support. This is why you need to make sure your localized product has no linguistic issues.

Since software and web localization often happen "outside" of the build, contextual info about the interface isn't always available to the translators. This means that a post-loc linguistic verification has to happen.

The details:

  • We build the best-fit testing team — in-country, at a Moravia test lab, or a mix of both. Our testers are experienced translators knowledgeable in following test plans and recording bugs.
  • We give testers both source and localized products so they can review translations in context. They look for issues such as untranslated text, incorrect translations, grammar and punctuation issues, typos, mistakes in date, time, and calendar formats, and errors in currency and measurement conversions.
  • Our linguists log bugs and we generate issue reports.
  • We fix the bugs and verify that we got them all.

Linguistic testing is often combined with localization testing and usability testing, working together to make sure that you have a top-notch product, ready to conquer a local market. Excellence is what your company stands for and what your users deserve.

When you want your software, app or website to meet your language quality requirements, we're Moravia. We make sure your product provides the highest linguistic quality in all of your target markets.

To find out how our linguistic testing solutions can verify that your localized products have clean and clear translations, please complete the Request for Information form and we will get back to you shortly. Or see other options for contacting us here.

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