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Is your software reliable in all markets? Predictable? Stable?
We'll make sure it is.

If people struggle to use your product, they will leave you behind. Your brand will not be top-of-mind when it comes to high quality. That's a big hole to dig yourself out of. There are lots of other apps on the market that work like users expect it to.

The remedy? Our functional testing services find and fix defects early in the product dev process—before you localize. It’s simple: a source product with minimal bugs will give you a localized product with minimal bugs.  Functional testing looks for things like what happens when thousands log in at the same time, how it works when using different browsers, and whether in installs correctly.

We maintain three secure testing labs: Brno, Czech Republic, Nanjing, China, and Monterey, California. We can provide you with resources in-country, in our labs, or a mix of the two.

Combine functional testing with localization testing, which checks for functional issues in localized versions, and linguistic testing, which makes sure the language quality is top-notch, to generate a product that performs well, displays correctly, and reads fluently for all of your customers.

To maximize your budget and schedule, we also write scripts and configure tools to automate as many manual tasks as possible—like taking screenshots or following a sequence of actions—so the testing team only spends time on more complex tests.

If you are ready for software that is reliable and stable in all markets, we're Moravia. Let us design a functional testing solution for you that will prevent release delays, save human effort, improve quality, speed up time-to-market, and reduce costs.

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