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Global Digital Marketing

Global content done right

For any campaign to be a success you need to nail strategy, messaging, channels, SEO, user experience, PPC and…we could go on.

So, when you want to do global digital marketing you exponentially increase the complexity with every single new country or region.

That’s because the elements of each campaign are all market specific.

Here’s an example. Your keyword list for a campaign in Germany isn’t just a translation of your US keywords.

So, for one of our clients, we found an additional 645,000 monthly search opportunities which would have been missed if the client had stuck with the directly translated approach.


Here are just a few examples:

English keyword

Direct translation


Localized keyword


Skating shoes





Skiing clothes

Skifahren bekleidung




Women’s hiking boots

Damen hiking-stiefel


Wander­schuhe damen


Put simply, there’s no way you’ll get maximum ROI on a global campaign unless you adapt its execution to local markets.

How not to do it

The two typical ways marketers try to handle global digital complexity just won’t get the right results.

  1. Do-It-Yourself: The DIY approach is pretty much impossible for any single marketing department. Educating yourself on each new market, building a network of resources and working out a process for execution—it’s very expensive, time-intensive and amplifies the risk of human error.
  2. Outsourcing to a local agency: An in-market agency may be okay for that single market, but by decentralizing your execution, you’ll quickly lose control over messaging and quality assurance processes. You can bet those single agencies will never talk to each other… And that means you’ll end up spending more time managing workflows than actually marketing.

We can help

We’re Moravia digital marketing, your partner for global marketing content and performance operations.

We help hundreds of growing businesses generate revenue in new markets fast, by adapting their marketing content for their chosen locales and engineering the most effective market-specific digital delivery mechanism for it.

Working with us, you get: 

  • Best-in-class localization processes
  • An extensive network of in-market digital experts
  • Automation technology to do sky-rocket your speed-to-market
  • And, the discerning eyes of human experts to get right what technology can’t

We help some of the world’s most ambitious companies overcome the complexity of international digital marketing, break into new markets fast, and establish scalable, revenue-generating digital marketing operations.

The outcome: Impactful global marketing that performs across channels, formats, and audiences and quickly brings back returns on your marketing investment.