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Quality at Source Has a Global Effect

How we helped a huge ecommerce platform establish solid authoring practices


Every enterprise wants to do more with less: enter new markets without high localization costs. Write great content on a limited budget. Or, a combination of the two.

Our client—a world-renown ecommerce platform—had large volumes of content in a single language that they wanted to translate. Consistent quality and translation turnaround times were high priorities, but a distributed content creation team meant style inconsistencies, lack of clear guidelines, and no streamlined processes. The content varied greatly in style, quality and topic, and the client wanted a more unified message, tone, and workflow.

Here’s how we did it

We first developed and deployed custom authoring tools and one consolidated environment. We generated translation memories out of past source material to assist writers with producing more consistent content. Then we defined authoring guidelines and style guides and created templates for content generators to use and follow to improve consistency. Lastly, each new piece was run through an automated, rules-based check to ensure compliance.

On the localization side, we deployed machine translation and post-editing to localize the source content for the client’s target markets, and integrated the authoring and localization processes into one streamlined workflow.


  • Faster and more consistent content generation
  • Improved and more efficient localization
  • Seamless content workflow from source creation through multilingual publishing

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