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Helping Customers Find Content Online

How we optimized search for a top web hosting and services firm


The global marketplace is all online. So, global growth depends on a superior strategy for online content in order to boost sales—and massive amounts of online content have come of this. But what good is all that content if customers can’t find it? The practice of improving findability is called SEO, and it’s a particular area of expertise at Moravia.

One of our clients—a top web hosting and services firm—needed to optimize search across various search engines for 18 locales and 24 markets, but had limited knowledge of global search optimization best practices and activities. Also, they weren’t tracking or measuring the effects of their keyword selection and translation work, meaning any strategy was just a stab in the dark.

Here’s how we helped them:

  • Defined an SEO strategy per target market
  • Transcreated keywords based on market and competitive research. (No more straight translation which can often miss the mark.)
  • Seeded localized keywords into content (metadata, headlines, and landing pages)
  • Created a custom tool to automatically mine keywords from competitor websites
  • Provided analytics using public search engine tools to understand the effectiveness of the new SEO strategy


  • Improved web traffic by 15-40%
  • First page results for many pages
  • Very local content
  • Increased user experience and satisfaction

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