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Going Global and Going Agile

How an Agile loc setup can speed up work by 50%


Global businesses with exploding growth often find their processes and workflows are not up to the task. Massive volumes and tight turnarounds need new approaches, innovative technologies, and the elimination of wasted manual effort. Yet, when in-house expertise doesn’t exist, this is a huge challenge.

Our client—a massive global web services provider—needed to go Agile, and quickly. They had small, constant projects—at least 14 per day and growing—requiring super-fast turnarounds. They wanted to leverage their content management system and localization workflow tools, but they weren’t robust enough to handle the growing program. Automation was imperative to maximize the current setup.

Here’s how we helped

  • Created a self-serve globalization portal that streamlined and centralized job requests
  • Automated file processing, job assignment, TM analysis, and handoffs/handbacks to/from the repository
  • Developed a chat feature allowing our client to talk to Moravia instantly to resolve issues and answer questions
  • Established a system to manage language quality review and linguistic review, reducing errors and increasing review turnaround times
  • Handle ongoing feature enhancements in order to continually shrink schedules, reduce costs, and improve quality


  • Reduced turnaround time by 50%
  • Eliminated misunderstandings and communication errors
  • Enabled PMs to focus on high-value tasks
  • Increased language quality

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