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Booking Worldwide Travel with Ease

How we helped a travel giant boost trip bookings


Customers of travel & hospitality websites and booking agents rely on clear attraction, destination, and amenity descriptions when making their travel plans. Content must be clear, consistent, and on-brand in order to drive new sales in all target countries. Consumer trust and confidence depends on it.

Our client—a leading global search engine in the Travel and Hospitality industry—needed to create over 500,000 descriptions in 150 countries. However, their resources couldn’t meet the aggressive timetable for crafting, editing, and publishing such a vast amount of material. Worse, they had a backlog of thousands of descriptions to review.

They needed a scalable new approach to editing and writing their content.

Here’s how we did it

We proposed a managed services solution to source writers and editors—150 of them—that could scale and accelerate content production. Then we developed a new approach to ramping up writers and editors—getting them onboarded quickly by reducing training time from six weeks to one week.

We also created templates and quality automation tools, including a custom plug-in to our client’s proprietary content management system (CMS).

Lastly, we developed source content in Global English, which makes text easy to understand for native and non-native speakers alike, and makes localization easier too.


  • Quickly processed a huge backlog of unreviewed descriptions
  • Delivered peak volumes of 2 million+ words per month
  • Decreased localization costs
  • Increased international bookings
  • Eliminated client HR management

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