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Global Economy Sparks Boom in Language-Related Careers

October 6, 2015

The language services industry is poised for tremendous growth over the next several years—great news for language and humanities majors who want to use their skills professionally in the global marketplace. Moravia’s Renato Beninatto discusses how linguistic and cultural knowledge can contribute to career success.The article covers the following:

  • Language-related job opportunities beyond translation and interpretation
  • The need to add foreign language fluency to professional education and training
  • The lack of career-oriented language instruction in most U.S. colleges
  • The need for marketing and business skills, including content expertise
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Business Metrics and KPIs for Localization

April 1, 2015

MultiLingual Computing - #151 Volume 26 Issue 3

Making a business case for localization has never been easier, thanks to the explosion in global companies and the growing need to localize content into 100-plus languages. But because there are no generally accepted standards, many localization managers still struggle with how best to report tangible ROI. Moravia’s Libor Safar discusses three areas that are critical for establishing relevant localization KPIs:

  • Presale Metrics
  • Business Metrics for Globalization
  • After-Sale Metrics
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