Found in Translation: How to Stream Video in Multiple Languages

November/December 2014

Streaming Media

This article discusses the steps to follow to produce video translations that deliver strong results, along with expert tips on how to lower costs while ensuring translation accuracy.

It also covers the following:

  • The three steps to follow for on-demand video translation:
    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Voice
  • The importance of high-quality source materials, such as transcriptions and soundtracks
  • Workflow requirements and the pivotal role of human talent
  • How to use computerized transcription and translation tools to lower costs without sacrificing translation quality
  • The need for proper planning, time allocation and cost-effective management.

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Translation by Machine or Human?

November 18, 2014


This article reviews the challenges companies face localizing content for foreign language markets. The author examines the steps required to convert web sites and documents for other languages and cultures, and provides suggestions to save time and money in the process.

The article covers the following:

  • Whether to use automated translation or and human translation — or some combination of the two
  • The differences between translation, localization, and internationalization
  • Creating context-neutral content
  • Building a full life cycle business process around translation, localization, and internationalization

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How to Translate Medical Devices of the Future

#146 Volume 25 Issue 6

MultiLingual Computing

The world of medical devices is going digital. Are you ready?

New medical devices are blurring the lines between Life Sciences and IT. From online instructions for use (IFUs) to devices featuring complementary apps — or even standalone medical software — medical devices are going digital and IT industry giants are beginning to enter the high-growth market of healthcare.

Topics covered include:

  • Regulatory approaches to medical software and medical apps in the EU and the US
  • Potential risks associated with medical mobile apps
  • New EU Medical Device Regulations and their approach
  • Specifics of translating medical devices that come in the form of apps or other software
  • How IT giants such as Google, Apple, or Samsung have turned their attention to healthcare
  • EU Commission Regulation No. 207/2012 and e-labeling/IFUs

To read the full article about translating medical devices of the future, click here.

5 Steps to Global Content Curation That Reaches Your Gooooaaal

July 27, 2014

Content Marketing Institute

Content curation is the process content marketers use to cull information from the internet and turn it into bite-size pieces their targets can digest. Global content curation, however, requires more than the standard components. In the global arena, simply aggregating information isn’t enough, nor is relying on technology or on the typical skill sets of content marketers.

The article covers the following:

  • Find the best content to curate
  • Personally curate rather than automate
  • Moderate the conversation to uphold your brand values and perspective
  • Translate your message and its context
  • Share translated messages generously

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Windows Phone User Interface Has Compatibility for 50-plus Languages, Thanks To Moravia

July 15, 2014

WM Power User

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft almost doubled the number of display languages to 50 to take the OS to a global audience. Moravia prepared Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform for global markets by translating, testing and adapting the software and its user interface for compatibility with Microsoft’s target languages.

The article covers the following:

  • Making phones combatable with bidirectional languages
  • Making  phones combatable with double-byte character languages
  • Microsoft’s “Modern Voice” initiative to ensure translated content resonates with global users

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Una firma tecnológica busca 150 analistas en Rosario por la demanda externa

May 22, 2014

La Capital

The growing presence of Silicon Valley-based companies in Rosario, Argentina led Moravia to expand its Rosario operations and to plan the addition of 150 new language service providers.

The article (in Spanish) covers the following:

  • Description of Moravia’s business in Rosario
  • Expansion of Moravia’s client base
  • Overview of Moravia’s software offerings
  • Demand for English speaking employees

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The Inescapable Logic of Language Localization

May 20, 2014

Linux Insider

Tailoring language translations for software documentation and graphical user interfaces can make or break an open source project. Localizing language is a unique undertaking, with a number of moving parts, but it is critical to a project’s success.

The article covers the following:

  • How to establish a translation process
  • Proper cultural tone and language nuances
  • The limitations of machine translations
  • The need for outsourced translation support

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How to Adapt and Localize Content for the UK Market

#134 Volume 25 Issue 2

MultiLingual Computing

How much do the differences between US and UK English justify localizing or customizing content, products and services for the UK market and its specifics?

When it comes to purchase decisions or using everyday products, people want to be served in their own language. In an age of hyper-personalized content and products customized to individual tastes and preferences, appropriate language isn’t simply preferred, it’s expected. Companies should not assume that what works in the United States will automatically resonate in the United Kingdom.

Read this article to learn:

  • How to decide whether it makes sense to customize content for UK audiences
  • Key differences between US and UK English that need to be addressed
  • Examples of companies that get this US-to-UK culture transfer right
  • Types of content that can be adapted
  • Transcreation and marketing for the UK market
  • How to automate adaptation from US to UK English to drive down costs

To read the full article about localizing content for the UK market, click here.

Managed Service Evolution

February 2014

Software Magazine

The localization needs of software companies that play in the international arena have grown beyond internationalization-driven functions into critical Managed IT Services.

The article covers the following:

  • Managed IT Services
  • The underlying need for language service providers
  • The responsibilities of the managed services team

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