Cracking the Russian Market

#110 Volume 21 Issue 2

MultiLingual Computing

Russia continues to be a special market requiring an appropriate localized approach to succeed. Present-day Russia is certainly a different country than Soviet Russia back then. More than 70 years later, it may no longer be such an enigma.

But as many multinational businesses have come to learn over the past 20 years, Russia continues to be a special market requiring an appropriate localized approach to succeed. In Russia, the potential rewards are high, but so are the risks. Many foreign companies have come across numerous riddles, run into many enigmas, and encountered no shortage of mysteries when operating in the attractive Russian market. But perhaps there is a key.

To read the full article about Russian localization requirements, click here.

Best Practices in Localization Testing

#109 Volume 21 Issue 1

MultiLingual Computing

Localization testing has become an indispensable component of just about every software localization endeavor. Just like localization per se, it has experienced major developments since it emerged as a recognized standalone testing type more than 20 years ago. It has also faced similar challenges.

If trends such as reducing overall costs, automating "wherever possible," shortening time frames (think reducing the number of test passes in testing) and an overall shift to outsourcing sound familiar to you from the software translation side of things, you will feel immediately comfortable in the realm of testing, too.

Read the article to find out about where localization testing stands today, the current issues, touch points and synergies that exist between localization and localization testing. Full article.

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