Managing Japanese Localization Projects

#76 Volume 16 Issue 8
MultiLingual Computing

Managing Japanese Localization Projects

It is generally taken as common knowledge that Japanese localization is different - it takes more time, involves more steps and costs more. Japanese is also frequently considered to be the most difficult - and expensive - language to localize into. But, it does not necessarily always need to be this way. With some precautions in mind, localizing into Japanese can be a smooth process. So what makes for successful Japanese localization projects?

This article details the components of success for Japanese projects and the common difficulties in Japanese localization - covering the linguistic issues as well as human considerations. It also provides some specific recommendations or best practices which when followed may help address some of the complexities. Full article.

10 Questions for Moravia's CEO

19th - 25th October 2005
Prague Post

10 Questions for Moravia’s CEOMoravia's CEO, Katerina Forstingerova was interviewed by The Prague Post and shared her opinions on the industry, Moravia's strategy now and in the future, and provided some recommendations to other companies that wish to pursue global expansion on how to succeed.

On a more personal note, Moravia's CEO talked about whether she had changed as an entrepreneur since being voted the first-ever Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Czech Republic back in 1999, and whether being a woman entrepreneur is an advantage or a disadvantage. Read the interview.

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