Moravia Redraws the Map of Localization

#43 Volume 12 Issue 7
MultiLingual Computing

Moravia Redraws the Map of LocalizationBack in 2001, MultiLingual Computing magazine featured a profile of Moravia as part of their regular series. At that time, when one thought of major centers in the information technology (IT) industry, one would envision such locales as San Jose, California, Dublin, Ireland and Seattle, Washington. But this situation has changed radically during the 1990s, and today, technology centers are located in a great many other places around the world, with Central and Eastern Europe - the HQ location of Moravia Worldwide - becoming since then one of the favorite locations.

In this profile article, MultiLingual described the foundation and the early years of the company. It then explored Moravia's main strategic and operations principles as well as the challenges the company was then facing. In conclusion, it looked at what was lying ahead of the company at that time. Full article.

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