XML Relay

To some degree, the use of XML technologies has become accepted and perhaps commonplace in authoring and publishing environments. However, we rarely see the holistic view of all involved with XML - the client, the authoring platform provider, the translation technology developer, the LSP.

This unique "relay race" panel, which was part of the tekom 2008 conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, provided a glimpse into how the seemingly discrete participants apply and use XML technologies, with an emphasis on XML-based Open Standards, like the recently approved OASIS localization standard, XLIFF, and how participants interact with one another.

The four panelists were:

  • Bryan Schnabel, OASIS XLIFF Chairman - Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, OR (USA) - representing a client organization..
  • Thomas Sears, Sr. Director of Product Management, Publishing Solutions Group, PTC, Needham, MA (USA) - representing an authoring platform provider.
  • Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO acrolinx GmbH, Berlin - representing a translation technology system provider.
  • Dr. David Filip, Internal Project Management Office, Moravia Worldwide, Brno, Czech Republic - representing a Localization Service Provider (LSP).

This panel discussion was like a "relay race," where each participant discussed his/her perspective in the overall XML-authoring-environment, and then "passed the baton" to the next speaker. It focused on the following key three aspects:

  • End-to-end Process Global information development from product information (from engineers) to technical authoring (by writers) to localization (by localizers)
  • Open Standards Future-proofing assets, sharing information, automating processes, reuse of information, reducing investments
  • Automating Localization Illustrating the application of open standards via the task of localizing content

The audience could learn how each party sees their part of the process from their distinct point of view, what's important to each, and what wishes (improvements) they have for the other. They could also gain an understanding of the "XML Jungle", formats and challenges, and the need for understanding and cooperation of the different parties in the "XML Relay" chain.

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