Using Idiom WorldServer as a Workflow Engine

This case study shows and describes the extensive deployment and customization of WorldServer by Moravia where it is used solely as a workflow engine, independent of its Translation Memory (TM) core. In this scenario, WorldServer provides one type of an automated workflow which connects Moravia's geographically dispersed locations, together with the company's in-country translation teams, into an integrated process.

This workflow enables efficient collaboration across multiple time zones, and enables Moravia to combine multiple translation memory solutions best suited for individual file types (such as software and documentation). This session also shows practical examples of how this system uses third-party technologies to complement Idiom WorldServer, e.g. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) to modify and automate manual actions on top of the functionality already built in WorldServer.

They key drivers in developing this solution were the need to build a workflow that would connect multiple users located around the globe, and the need to work with a broad range of file types, file formats (e.g. software and documentation), and translation memory types (such as TRADOS).

To meet these objectives, the workflow engine functionality of WorldServer was customized using the SDK, and integrated with complementary technologies. This included:

  • Creating custom WorldServer automatic actions for workflow
  • Creating custom WorldServer servlets
  • Creating custom reports
  • Utilizing external messaging queue technologies

This presentation shows:

  • The main drivers for creating such a system, and the benefits
  • Technologies used
  • Specific Idiom WorldServer functionality utilized
  • Challenges faced in developing and later deploying the system
  • General applicability and usage scenarios for such a system in other organizations and scenarios

This presentation was delivered by Moravia's David Filip at Idiom WorldSummit Europe 2007.

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