A Guide to Open Standards and Open Source

Open standards can be powerful, and many of our translation and localization industry's current standards are open standards (notably the XML-based TMX, TBX, SRX, and XLIFF). Similarly, open source software is in use in our industry. OmegaT, Okapi Framework and Sun XLIFF Translation Editor are some of the better known localization-specific open source tools.

GALA Expert WebinarTo learn about open source and open standards tools that are available and in use today in translation and localization, download the slides from the webinar on Open Standards and Open Source, which was delivered as part of the 2009 GALA Webinar Series by Angelika Zerfass (Zaac) and David Filip (Moravia).

The webinar covered the distinction between open standards and open source, and touched on the usage and usability, licensing and patent issues with both. Since open source and open standards apply also to translation management systems (TMS), a short analysis of the features of "open" TMS and a standards support comparison was given.


  • Definitions
  • Architecture
  • Strategy
  • What is an open standard?
  • Goal of open standards
  • Open standards
    • OAXAL
    • TMX (Translation Memory Exchange)
    • SRX (Segmentation Rules Exchange)
    • TBX (TermBase Exchange)
    • XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format)
  • Talking legalese in standards and in OSS
  • Open tools
  • Use case - odt + OmegaT
  • Use case - TinyTM

Please note: The presentation slides available in this PDF download include additional detail not covered during the live webinar due to time constraints.

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