Managing Japanese Localization Projects

It is generally taken as common knowledge that Japanese localization is different - it takes more time, involves more steps and costs more than other languages. Japanese is also frequently considered to be the most difficult - and expensive - language to localize into, but it does not always need to be this way. With some precautions in mind, localizing into Japanese can be a smooth process. So what makes for a successful Japanese localization project?

Components Of Success

The key success components of a typical localization project normally include factors such as quality, schedule, cost or communication. For Japanese projects, all the usual rules for project success apply, but in addition, Japanese clients normally expect that their vendors share their business values. While most of the other success components involve an element of measurability and therefore objectivity, business values are intangible and hence less apparent.

For those of us who are non-Japanese, an understanding of the practical application of Japanese business values is further complicated by the fact that we often need to guess at them. This is attributable, at least partly, to the inherent preference of the Japanese people for the concept of wa (literally meaning peace), of maintaining a peace and harmony rather than a candid exchange of opinions, arguments or confrontation.

Why Should Japanese Localization Be More Difficult?

The most common issues are that Japanese clients are considered to be very demanding - with high requirements for quality - and that project costs and schedules are worse than for other languages. For many North American or European companies, working with Japanese clients requires extra efforts to satisfy their requirements, which would often go far beyond those of other languages. But this is, of course, not unique to localization.

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