Current Topics in eLearning and Localization

eLearning content is no longer primarily the domain of specialized providers of eLearning products and services. Companies in any industry feel the need to provide up-to-date and accessible training materials for their internal staff or their customers worldwide. That has made eLearning one of the indispensable standard formats and content types in our wired world.


At the same time, more and more eLearning content is being localized, and into an increasing number of languages. Why? One reason is that with today's business climate and rising travel costs, it is so much more economical to use eLearning rather than send staff to an instructor-led training session abroad.

Enterprises are increasingly global in nature and international revenues have risen in prominence. This means that local staff and customers need to be trained and in their local languages. So it is no surprise that the eLearning localization market is expanding rapidly, and is estimated to double in the next three to five years.

In this article, we focus our attention on some of the current trends and topical issues in eLearning localization as we experience them, specifically:

  • Localizing YouTube-like eLearning Videos
  • The use of Adobe AIR in eLearning
  • Microsoft Silverlight Localization

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