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Your legal translations need to be exact, precise, clean. Getting them right is non-negotiable.

That much is clear, but it's not simple: legal translation can involve many languages, thousands of documents, and tight filing deadlines. In an environment as complex as this, you need a vendor with experience and specialization.

Moravia Legal Localization Services provide translation solutions with precision quality for global law firms, patent and IP attorneys, corporate counsel, and legal industry professionals—in over 250 languages.

We know what it takes to deliver top-notch quality:

  • Our linguists go through a multi-step qualification process, and only those with legal specializations and experience are trusted with your content.
  • Glossaries of key terminology are vital to legal content, so we can help extract terms and build term databases to further guide the linguists.
  • We offer third-party linguistic review and subject matter expert (SME) review to provide additional assurance.
  • If you need legal certification—an approval from a solicitor or a legally qualified translator—we can provide that too.

And if you have highly sensitive documents that require the utmost security, we have processes in place to make sure nothing gets out. Our Quality Management framework protects our customers' sensitive data and restricts access to it.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to localize your patents, IP, contracts, prosecution and litigation materials, or other legal documentation, we're Moravia. We provide timely, high-quality solutions for your global legal content.

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