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We’ve come a long way since our foundation in 1990 to become one of the largest Language Service Providers with innovative offerings, an enviable client list, and the best employees in the industry.
Here is our story.

We were founded in 1990 by life-long translators Eva and Rudolf Forstinger in Brno, Czech Republic. We translated technical documentation and did conference interpreting at that time. We had success from the start: we've grown year-on-year and we are very proud of it. We grow more year-on-year than any other LSP—which we did through winning new customers and delighting our existing ones. In 2014, we made history in the localization industry by becoming the first company to earn revenues of more than US $­100 million by organic growth alone. Today, we rank as the 10th largest global language services provider by annual revenue (per Common Sense Advisory data for 2015).

We Were Early Adopters of Translation Technology

We have always been tech geeks. We were one of the first localization companies to use Translation Memories (TM) to increase content reuse, help translators work faster, and bring down costs for our customers.

Technology quickly became a core focus: we were early to understand the incredible impact of translation technology and wanted to bring those gains to our clients.

We became experts in industry technology and mastered how it could benefit our customers’ localization programs. But we also know that one technology offering does not fit all business needs, and decided to not develop or sell any TM, TMS or CMS products. Instead, our approach is to take a good look at our client’s challenges and create the best-fit technology solution to resolve them. You are unique; so are our technology solutions. To make it easier to create custom technology solutions, we built a platform called Symfonie that integrates industry-standard TM, TMS, and CMS tools, and provides workflow and data reporting features too.

We Always Had a Thing for Quality

Early on, we adopted a comprehensive, industry-specific QA model, and since then have had the reputation of delivering consistent and high-quality translations to our clients.

Once the LISA linguistic quality standard came onto the scene in 2006, we adapted it to create our defined and repeatable quality process. We also helped fine-tune this new standard and promote it in the industry. And as localization quality standards evolved, so did we: now our quality process includes the ISO 9001, TQM, and ISO 17100 principles.

We Perfected the Production Model

We built an outsourcing model based on the separation of linguistic from non-linguistic activities. Our translations are always completed in-country to make sure you get native-level translations. Other activities like project management, engineering, and testing are completed in our regional production hubs. This is how we manage volumes and get work done more quickly and efficiently.

Pretty soon, we were able to handle over 250 languages by bringing on more and more freelance linguists and small language providers. This mix of linguistic resources gives us lots of flexibility and efficiency. How? Linguists are assigned only as we need them, and they don’t sit around when work is slow. It also means we can ramp up a team quickly when volumes spike. And, that large pool of resources means that we always have broad language coverage and special expertise across lots of verticals.

Then We Expanded: Testing and Engineering

In the late 1990s, our clients began to want to outsource testing and engineering—they recognized that a specialized vendor could probably do it better, faster, and cheaper. We stepped up by building a team in our Czech office. Since the Czech Republic has low production costs, we gained significance as a vendor of choice for outsourcing these activities. Later, we established a second testing hub in China. Now we provide on-site and remote testing of products, devices, software, and mobile apps.

We Kept On Growing

In 2001, we opened our first U.S. office in response to the growing demand from American customers for our services. Now we have offices in China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Argentina, Ireland, Hungary, and two other offices in North America.

What does this mean? Working together, these offices provide worldwide coverage and 24x7 operations—a true ‘follow-the-sun’ production model.

Where We Are Now

We provide translation and localization, testing and engineering, language quality, program-level outsourcing, process optimization, and strategic services in over 250 languages. We cover a number of verticals including Retail, Life Sciences, IT, and Travel and Hospitality. If your enterprise wants to expand globally, we’ve got you covered in all areas.

And we retain our tech geek roots: we have a business unit dedicated to innovation and technology in disciplines such as Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing, and Business Intelligence. This team also focuses on the continued development of our proprietary workflow tool and platform (Symfonie). But the best part? They regularly build process improvements and automations for our clients.

After all these years, it’s clear that excellence and partnership are in our blood: we build customized and comprehensive loc programs for our clients. We take care of not only your current business needs, but we make sure that production models, processes, and technologies evolve with you. With us as your partner in creativity and innovation, you meet your revenue goals, you reach new markets with high-quality products, and you maintain your brand worldwide.

If you want to expand your global reach, we’re Moravia. We work with the world’s most innovative and progressive brands to market and sell their products and services around the world.

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