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We work with content-driven businesses across the board, including 8 of Fortune Magazine’s Top 20 Most Admired Companies and all of the "Fab 5 Tech Stocks" companies.
We also work for some of the hottest Fortune 1000 software companies and hardware manufacturers—but we can’t disclose their names. (Think big. No, bigger. Yeah, them.)



Moravia's clients include some of the best-known blue-chip companies with global presence and recognized brand names, as well as some of the most rapidly growing companies that are just finding new opportunities in international markets.

Every day, more than two billion people use products localized by Moravia. We work on the technologies that you are going to use tomorrow. If you use a product in a language other than English, chances are it was localized by us.

If you need references, talk to us, and we will introduce you to some of the best brands in the industry.

Our Commitment

Some Localization Service Providers (LSPs) are happy to translate whatever you give them, no questions asked.

We don’t just want to translate products and content for our clients. We know that if you choose to have something translated, that it has a job to do. And we want it to succeed, whatever its goals are: reaching an audience, selling a product, changing minds, educating, informing, inspiring—you name it.

We build a dedicated team that gets to know you inside out (we’re happy to be NDA’d to the max). That includes business goals, priorities, content production processes, and so on. The better we know you, the more we can help your content make an impact everywhere.

When you work with Moravia, your products and content are professionally localized and tested by an award-winning company. Our expertise and proven methodologies will help you reach new markets and connect with potential customers worldwide.

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