Language Lead

Under the general direction of Project manager Resources, the Language Lead will act as a single point of linguistic contact for Moravia translators' teams, project teams and customers. The recipient is expected to also cooperate with the Quality manager in terms of linguistic quality management and other linguistic processes, developments and definitions of workflows, introduction of new tools. The Language Lead is the guard of quality translations and the customer voice on the market.

Location: Tokyo
Status: Full-time employee or Freelancer


  • Analyzes the QA results. Analysis of failed scorecards.
  • Manages arbitrations.
  • Identifies new rules to be added to the QA tools and provides draft rules with examples (ad-hoc).
  • Trainings with Moravia Linguistic Quality Manager (ad hoc).
  • Centralizes product expertise and all necessary linguistic knowledge on the accounts.
  • Coaches Moravia Reviewers.
  • May act as Reviewer for checking translators’ quality (ad hoc).
  • Recommends hiring/firing requirements to Moravia Linguistic Quality Manager.
  • Manages queries with Moravia Linguistic Quality Manager and clients when appropriate.
  • Shares feedback for RCAs (Root Cause Analysis) when required, validates and analyzes it, and manages the follow up.
  • Creates material and updates SharePoint for that division/language (ad-hoc).
  • Spot-check projects.
  • Test revision.
  • Communication with translators and reviewers.
  • Query handling.
  • Acting as POC with client editors or client project managers.
  • Attending meetings with client.
  • Analysis of quality issues and creation/suggestions of strategy.
  • Find the cause of the issue, by taking into consideration all aspects of a project (workflow, material sent to translators, examples).
  • Suggestions best practices to follow (more training on translators, firing translators, hiring new ones, etc.).
  • Analysis of a translators’ skills and identify the areas for improvement (for proper training) or quality of the translator to see if this is the adequate resource for the division.
  • Providing training to translators and reviewers regarding areas to be improved.
  • MTPE Pilot Evaluation (analysis of raw output and post-editing).
  • Fill out the following:
    • Feedback Consolidation
    • Weekly Tracking spreadsheet
    • Keep record of vendor´s flagging (Quality Red Flags)

Note: most of these tasks will be performed with collaboration of Moravia Linguistic Quality Manager.

Reporting Lines

  • Reports to Moravia Linguistic Quality Manager who manages the admin aspect
  • A template (Language Lead tasks report), should be used to include the name of the project or task performed and the allocated time. At the end of each month, it must be sent to Moravia MLS to check the reported hours and ask PM to create PO.

Competencies / Requirements

  • Linguistic background of at least 5 years.
  • Strong command in English and target language (native, understand general client quality expectations and subject matter)
  • Strong communication and client-facing skills
  • Capable of providing relevant feedback in a good manner
  • Understanding of the translation/localization process of Moravia
  • High tech and IT oriented
  • Knowledge of general IT and marketing content
  • Attentive to detail, Good responsiveness, willingness to learn
  • Proactive approach (asks questions, point out issues, etc.)
  • Proficient with CAT Tools
  • Vast experience in localization and related industry
  • Availability of a minimum 20 hours per week
  • Can attend client meetings in Tokyo

Online Application

To apply for this position online, please provide your contact information and then attach your CV/résumé and cover/motivational letter. Feel free to apply for as many opportunities for which you are qualified. If you do not find an appropriate job currently open, but feel you could contribute to Moravia in another capacity, you are welcome to apply as well. In that case, please specify the respective functional area of your interest.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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