Linguistic Service Manager (Nanjing)

Provide linguistic services to Moravia project teams, Moravia localization partners and Moravia Customers. Define and implement the corporate-wide concept of linguistic quality management.

Location: Nanjing, China
Job Status: Formal
Position: Linguistic Service Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage a virtual group of Moravia freelance QA providers and language experts (identification, qualification, contracting, rate negotiations, training, support, evaluation)
  • Create/implement corporate linguistic quality management in the appointed field (linguistic quality management concept, linguistic QA methodology and policies)
  • Provide expert linguistic support to Moravia project teams (translation tools, glossary creation, terminology management, query support, style guide preparation, training for project team members)
  • Provide linguistic support to Moravia localization partners (instructions on terminology, style, monitor query and QA management processes, trainings, evaluation, feedback, improvement solutions)
  • Provide linguistic services for Moravia customers (help design customer-tailored linguistic concepts and strategies, act as the contact point in the communication on linguistic quality, terminology and style, perform customer feedback analysis, suggest improvement solutions)
  • Perform research on localization/lang-related QA concepts, methodologies, tools, automation; design and implement corporate-wide solutions


  • Identify, qualify, contract (including rate negotiations) with freelance contractors and language experts
  • Recommend linguistic processes, QA methodologies and tools to Moravia project teams, localization partners and freelance contractors
  • Provide consultancy and recommend linguistic processes, QA methodologies and tools to Moravia Customers, represent Moravia in discussions and negotiations with Moravia Customers
  • Contribute to design and implementation of process optimization at corporate-wide level
  • Participate in the business reviews of Moravia localization partners and contractors


  • University degree in arts: linguistics or translation OR experience in managing lang-specific areas of localization projects
  • 2+ year experience in Translation/review of expert/technical translations, knowledge of translation/localization environment
  • Experience in IT and medical, manufacturing industry areas
  • Experience in computer linguistics welcome
  • Knowledge of CAT, terminology management and other linguistic tools welcome
  • Be familiar with Windows, standard office software

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