Website Globalization

Moravia Website Globalization Services Draw Consumers to Your Brand in Every Market

Your website is a vital part of your global sales and marketing strategy.

Did you know that visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their own language? Were you aware that visitors are 30% more likely to purchase if the website is localized for them?

Your website is the face of your brand, and its mission is to deliver personalized brand experiences to global customers. To new customers, it should give a great first impression, and to existing customers, it should provide continued positive experiences. It’s also the main source of product and brand information: critical materials such as brand information, support content as in an FAQ or forum, educational content such as blogs, or product reviews.

But if you want to truly embed your brand in target markets, then localization is no longer optional. And globalization — going well beyond simple translation — can maximize your site for optimum local performance.

Moravia’s Website Globalization Solutions recreate your website for new markets through the following services:

  • Translation and adaptation: in-country linguists translate your website in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way
  • Translation of web apps: any software that is part of your website (such as a purchasing interface) should also be localized
  • Multimedia localization: translation and engineering of content such as banners, videos, and other interactive content
  • Internationalization: pre-localization analysis and engineering to make sure that your code is ready to handle other languages
  • Cultural adaptation: pre-translation review of the site to adjust colors, icons, and images to avoid negative connotations in each market
  • Testing: functional testing ensures the localized site works just the same as the English version; linguistic testing checks the accuracy and consistency of the translations in context
  • Multilingual Website Management: Moravia can use your Web Content Management System (WCMS) to publish websites, maintain content, and update pages.

Your website is the cornerstone of customer experience in your global markets. Moravia Website Globalization Solutions optimize your highly visible online content, and deliver value to prospective and current clients.

If you’re ready to make sure your website replicates the emotion of your brand and generates online conversions, we’re Moravia. We deliver the ideal online experience to your customers through the globalization of your website.

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