At its simplest, translation means conversion of content from a source language to a target language. In reality, translation requires much more, including qualified in-country translators, defined processes for quality assurance, for proofreading and editing, and sound terminology management.

In addition, good communication within the translation team, including the customer and/or third party reviewers, and proper use of tools and technology to make the process of translation efficient are also essential.

Our experience going back to 1990 enables us to provide the essence of today's professional translation services - accurate and consistent translations of products and content which meet the customers' and local requirements for quality and cultural appropriateness. In addition, our translations use terminology and style which reflect the customer's company culture and the expectations of their end users.

Our focus is on providing fast, economical translation services that build on robust translation methodologies, quality processes and a global network of qualified and trained native-speaker translators located in target countries.

Range of Services

In addition to core translation and localization work, other specific services we provide include:

Any Language, Any Culture, Any Content

Every year, we translate hundreds of millions of words of content into over 120 languages and locales, spanning a range of industries and types of content.

We help companies meet their specific translation requirements regardless of the size of the project or the extent of their requirements. We manage large multilingual translation projects, with continuous as well as incremental translation ensuring your local content stays up-to-date. We also provide fast-turnaround translation, where content is small but speed is of the essence.

Proven Capabilities

Our linguistic capabilities are based on the combination of highly experienced translation, editing and language-management staff, documented localization processes and QA metrics, subject-area expertise, and a carefully developed network of third party reviewers in each target language/country.

Each translation follows our comprehensive QA processes. We operate an internally developed Quality Management System (QMS) based on best industry practices and metrics for linguistic quality. These internal processes are documented and applied throughout the company on all languages, and they are customized when needed to suit particular customer needs.

These proven capabilities have brought Moravia recognition in the industry for linguistic excellence and enable us to provide professional translation and localization services to a wide range of industry types, meeting customer requirements and country-specific and cultural conditions.

Linguistic Excellence

To ensure linguistic excellence, we have a special service group called Moravia Linguistic Services (MLS) whose sole function is managing and overseeing the quality of the linguistic services we provide.

In addition to managing linguistic resources, MLS enforces the high linguistic expectations Moravia requires for customer projects and they are the primary contact point for all linguistic aspects of complex mono- and multi-lingual projects. Their responsibilities include terminology management, scheduling internal review/editing cycles and various other language-related tasks.

Experienced Translators

Moravia Worldwide has the ideal mix of in-country translation teams with years of experience in a number of fields, coupled with independent and measurable quality metrics.

The vast majority of our translators are university graduates in translation or linguistic studies from their respective countries and/or are certified by a local trade association (i.e., their native country equivalent of the ATA, American Translators Association). Our translators are native speakers of the target language and are located in-country. Many of them also have additional credentials in areas relevant to their field of specialization and subject matter.

Our translators undergo a rigorous qualification process and receive regular linguistic QA feedback and evaluation from Moravia's Senior Reviewers, which helps them improve their performance. Apart from linguistic quality, we also track other aspects of their work, in particular communication, reliability and flexibility.

We conduct regular training for our translators, which is designed to ensure they continue to be on top of the latest developments in their area of expertise, with translation processes and tools, and that they continue to meet our quality standards and the specific needs of our clients.

The Right Resources

Knowledge Center: Managing Japanese Localization Projects

Managing Japanese Localization Projects

With some precautions in mind, localizing into Japanese can be a smooth process. Find out more.

For each translation requirement, from software to telecommunications to life sciences, only translators with the relevant industry background are used for a particular translation.

As a rule, we assign resources that serve a specific customer long-term as part of our core team built around the client. A translation team and linguistic quality expert (Senior Reviewer) work on each project and maintain the subject matter expertise and process knowledge regarding that customer over time.

Customer Review Cycles

We recognize the importance of good relationships with customer reviewers ensuring that customer project managers have fewer issues to deal with, and that linguistic quality is paramount. Our presence in-country enables us to work closely with our customers' local offices to ensure a smooth linguistic review process and a close relationship on linguistic issues.

In the absence of client reviewers, Moravia applies pre-defined and measurable quality metrics, which can afford customers the peace of mind even when linguistic resources are unavailable. Our clients know that their products have undergone rigorous quality checks and have met the highest of linguistic standards. You can release your products to market, comfortable in the knowledge that they have met the standards that Moravia's global customers have come to depend on.


Moravia provides linguistic services for a wide range of companies, with a focus on software and IT, Life Sciences, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing and consumer electronics industries. The corporate language of each company differs not only because of their various industry types, but also in the use of terminology.  For example, even companies who produce similar products may use different terminology and styles to describe the same features.

We have developed a common process to handle terminology and can easily adapt these to reflect a variety of linguistic styles and terminological issues. In our experience, terminology is one of the key assets each company possesses, and sound terminology management is often an area where improvements may bring substantial savings and cost benefits. Find out more about our terminology management services.

Tools and Technologies

Using technology offers the advantage of increased consistency in the translation output and the ability to repurpose existing translations. We employ industry standard translation tools and technologies as part of our process and we have built an extensive experience with the many varied technologies that exist today.

We can work with any tool or file format you may use. In addition, through our process optimization practice we also help our customers improve their current use of existing tools, and advise on the optimum processes that can make the most of investments in translation tools and technologies, and future-proof them as their translations requirements develop.

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