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Moravia Translation Services Boost Revenue in New Markets

Every time you try to reach, engage and support customers or prospects, it should be in their own language, giving them a superior experience…and ultimately driving sales. Is your monolingual content limiting your global growth?

Moravia has been in the translation business since 1990. Every year, we translate hundreds of millions of words of content, including online help, product reviews, product descriptions, user materials, training modules, and web content. Our focus is on providing high-quality, timely, and fairly-priced translation services that boost your growth in new markets.

In addition to the core service of translation, we provide related services such as:

  • Terminology and style guide management: to make sure your materials are as consistent as possible and accurately reflect your brand
  • Translation Memory management: to increase the re-use of past translated materials for optimum cost savings
  • Multilingual desktop publishing: to ensure the formatting or your print or online documents is just right. When translated, text can expand up to 30% over the source material, meaning that the layout of the original must be adjusted.
  • Cultural reviews: to make sure images, icons, graphics, and regional content (idioms) are culturally appropriate
  • Third-party independent language quality services: to verify the accuracy and quality of translated content

With a vast network of resources in over 170 languages, we can easily accommodate fluctuating volumes and spikes in content. If you need it fast, then our dedicated resourcing department can quickly assign translators in all major world languages.

We work primarily with freelancers for ultimate flexibility: resources can be pulled on to projects when needed, and do not sit around when work is slow. As for their qualifications, all of our resources are native, in-country, bilingual, experienced linguists. The majority are university graduates in translation or linguistic studies, and/or are certified by a local trade association (i.e., their native-country equivalent of the American Translators Association). Many of them have additional credentials in a specific domain of expertise.

If you want accurate, high-quality translations, on time and at budget, we’re Moravia. We accurately render content from your source language in over 170 languages.

How to Upgrade from Localization Specialist to Strategist [Webinar]

Whether you’re an experienced veteran with a global giant or a product manager new to exploring global markets, download the slides and view the recording of our webinar to gain a sense of the bigger picture.

How to Upgrade from Localization Specialist to Strategist [Webinar]

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