Software Localization

Moravia Software Localization Services Help You Deliver a Top-Quality Software User Experience

Your global revenue depends on your consumers having an engaging and bug-free experience with your software whether it is desktop software, web applications or mobile apps.

Customers experience higher satisfaction when software is localized in their language, and when they are happy, there is a higher likelihood that they will recommend your product and repeat their purchase. As for new customers, they are 50% more likely to purchase a product that has been localized over one that hasn’t.

Moravia can help you reach global markets with high-quality localized software that meets the language and functionality requirements of worldwide users.

Software localization is a complex undertaking. It’s no small thing to transfer the intent of the original content and user interface from one language to another while maintaining usability and functionality. Moravia provides a full suite of services to fully localize your software. These services include:

  • Translation: converting your software from the source language to any number of target languages
  • Build engineering: generating the software builds
  • Localization testing: checking your localized product for functionality errors, linguistic completeness, and issues that may have been introduced during the localization process
  • Linguistic testing: validating that all language content has been translated accurately and displays properly
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing: verifying that the user interface contains no defects, such as truncated text strings, overlapping controls, or duplicated hotkeys, that might have been introduced during localization
  • Internationalization (I18N) testing: making sure — before localization — that the product was correctly designed to work with different languages and regional computer settings, yielding one set of code to localize into all languages
  • Bug fixing: correcting any defects detected during testing

Brand name and reputation can take years to develop, but can be damaged very quickly by a product that has quality and functionality issues. That’s why you need an experienced language services partner who will own the complex process of software localization, with qualified in-country linguistic talent and the engineering capabilities to create a superior localized product, completed on-time and within budget.

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Moravia Software Localization Solutions maximize the way your global users experience your software. If you’re ready to make sure your software is as local as possible, we’re Moravia. We deliver high-quality localized software to your global customers.

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