Machine Translation & Post-editing

Moravia provides two key MT solutions that address a broad range of production applications of MT today: an array of linguistic MT post-editing services, and a comprehensive MT deployment solution.

Coupled with the exponential increase in the amount of content that may require or benefit from translation — and the relentless drive to reduce costs — MT is brought back to the center stage.

Moravia's approach is to be ahead in terms of understanding the technology — its potential as well as its limitations. Our technology strategy is to deploy MT for our clients on a situational basis, where it best suits their localization needs, advise clients on the merits of Machine Translation as well as provide a portfolio of related services.

Moravia provides corporations with two key Machine Translation solutions that address a broad range of possible production applications of MT today: an array of linguistic MT post-editing services, and a comprehensive MT deployment solution.




Machine Translation Productivity


Standard translation process.

Machine Translation Express


Ensuring short turnaround time for translated content.

Machine Translation On-Demand


Gisting purposes.

Machine Translation Deployment


Building a full MT solution for producers.

Machine Translation Productivity

In this scenario Moravia utilizes our trained linguistic resources to provide post-editing of content that was machine-translated. This machine-translated content output can come from our customers or from our own deployment of Moravia's Machine Translation engine.

Normally, this post-editing serves to provide the same linguistic quality as would be expected and achieved by standard human translation (even if Translation Memory was to be utilized), and MT serves as a productivity tool to reduce the total cost of translating, similar to the benefits seen from using Translation Memory technology.

Machine Translation Productivity can increase the overall productivity of translation process while delivering the same ultimate quality as human-only translation.

The actual productivity increases and cost reductions achievable normally depend on several factors and in general increase over time as MT is deployed. In our experience, the following considerations typically determine the extent of savings achievable thanks to MT:

  • Language pairs Some target languages and language combinations achieve higher productivity gains while others are still less amenable to the use of Machine Translation.
  • Quality of source language Better source language control and application of suitable authoring tools will normally significantly increase the potential of MT. This includes use of established grammar and style rules and terminology.
  • Availability of legacy content and/or client- or domain-specific corpus Especially in the case of Statistical Machine Translation methods, the larger the size of the quality legacy content that can be used to train the chosen MT engine, the higher the yield that can be achieved right from the start.
  • Availability of customer-specific and domain dictionaries Similar to the legacy content or corpus availability, well-prepared and maintained dictionaries can significantly improve the quality of MT output, and by extension increase the cost benefits of MT use.

Overall, Moravia's MT expertise, process, and availability of resources trained in MT post-editing are key assets that our clients benefit from.

Machine Translation Express

In some scenarios, post-editing can be "lighter", to ensure the readability and factual correctness of the translated content, but not aimed at achieving full compliance with strict linguistic QA and terminology standards.

This is the case for content where very fast turnaround time is required, and typically the content has a shorter life-span. Examples include virus alerts, customer support requests, and knowledge base articles.

With only "lighter" post-editing included, Machine Translation Express can help achieve an extremely fast translation turnaround time for time-critical content.

Normally, this requires that a specific set of post-editing guidelines and quality metrics be in place. As part of thisservice, Moravia also integrates the MT engine deployed with our customers' workflows and develops a method of publishing the machine-translated content to clients in a streamlined process.

The benefits of this specific application of MT are clear — critical and time-sensitive content can be delivered or made available to end-users in their local languages very fast, as and when needed, creating a competitive advantage for clients, and increasing the satisfaction and brand loyalty of their international end customers.

Machine Translation On-Demand

In this third scenario, Moravia provides customization of the MT engine (typically Moravia's MT system - but also possibly a customer's system) and its deployment in production. The customization of the MT system also includes Moravia's MT knowledge, as well as linguistic expertise for any language that is required to train and/or customize the MT system via user dictionaries, translation memories and legacy content alignment.

With Machine Translation On-Demand, output from the MT engine is not post-edited; rather, it is used immediately. This scenario is applied where the fact that the content actually gets translated, and fast, is of main importance. This can be translation for so-called "gisting" purposes (so that the end-user gets the "gist" of what's intended).

Machine Translation On-Demand is a fully-automated way of delivering Machine Translation content as an alternative to zero translation.

Another frequent application is a translation automation solution to self-service customer support situations. Here the direct MT (not post-edited) translation is an alternative to "No or Zero Translation" (NT/ZT), and can be an on-demand MT engine customized for a given customer.

Alternatively, there may be some very light post-editing included before the machine-translated content gets to the customers. In both cases, what Moravia provides is customization, implementation and maintenance of an on-demand Machine Translation solution to clients.

This customized on-demand Machine Translation solution provides superior results compared with free or online MT services. After customization, a selected corporate terminology base, glossary or industry terminology is applied. Also, the process of submission and delivery of on-demand MT content is customized, and integrated with customers' intranets and portals with no extra setup or maintenance required.

This way organizations operating globally can accelerate internal communication, and increase the effectiveness of their operations, with only limited costs required for the set up and ongoing maintenance of the system. Number of words is no longer a cost driver in this scenario.

Learn more about our MT deployment solution. To find out how Machine Translation could be used in your given situation to meet your specific objectives, please complete the Request for Information form and we will get back to you shortly, or see other options for contacting us.

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