Program-Level Outsourcing

Multilingual Crowdsourcing

Sometimes, the best people to help translate the content related to your product or service are your customers themselves. Crowdsourcing is now well beyond the stage of experimentation. It is a viable method of expanding your global reach and making your content available to customers in their languages.

At Moravia, we provide multilingual crowdsourcing solutions that help you get the best of the model, integrating it effectively with your other translation processes and workflows. In some cases we manage, develop, and utilize clients' existing crowds. In others we build client-specific crowds from our large and global resource pool. Read more.

Project Management

Effective project management is perhaps the single most important factor that impacts the success of localization projects.

The hallmark of successful project management is integration of the many disparate activities, in-house and remote teams, inputs and outputs with the single objective in mind — to deliver localized products that meet the defined quality criteria, on time and within the agreed budget. Project management ranks consistently among the top three factors that matter most to our clients. Read more.

Content Development

In today's business environment, staying ahead of a competitive market, while keeping international operations and sales teams up to date with an ever-changing product line presents challenges for most companies.

Moravia provides customers with solutions to this problem by developing international English content suitable for websites, training courseware, graphic design and technical or marketing documentation. Read more.

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