Productivity Services

Our breadth of expertise and best-in-class localization methodologies mean our top-notch team of engineers can optimize processes and get big efficiency wins.

Process Optimization

Moravia's Process Optimization Practice helps clients to address language technology challenges and to design new - or optimize existing — translation and localization processes. Our focus is on implementing best practices related to the complete multilingual process ranging from authoring, to translation, to publishing.

Done right, implementation of best practices and process optimization are often one of the easiest and the most efficient ways of reducing the time and costs needed for localization, and with a very attractive ROI. The goal is to decrease the costs of "non-translation" tasks. In our experience, properly optimized processes can result in cost savings of up to 20-25%, depending on the initial situation. Read more.

Machine Translation Deployment

With this service we enable companies to implement and maintain a customized Machine Translation (MT) solution - hosted by Moravia or at the client's site - regardless of whether Moravia provides related post-editing services or not.

Deployment customization typically includes Moravia's MT knowledge, as well as specific linguistic expertise for any given language that is required to train and/or customize the MT engine via user dictionaries, translation memories and legacy content alignment. Once the set-up is complete, the MT engine will require ongoing customization and maintenance, which can be arranged as a managed service. Read more.

Custom Development

Language and technology are becoming increasingly interlinked. Moravia's Custom Software Services unit helps to address today's challenges by providing a range of custom development services designed to increase the efficiency of existing localization processes, or to incorporate localization aspects into the regular product development life cycle.

The main services we provide are custom software development, custom and Joint Application Design services, custom application/integration solutions and application maintenance and support. Read more.

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