Multilingual Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourced Translation and Beyond

Sometimes, the best people to help translate the content related to your product or service are your customers themselves. Crowdsourcing is now well beyond the stage of experimentation. It is a viable method of expanding your global reach and making your content available to customers in their languages.

It's a way of tapping into the expertise of your local users, aficionados, and brand advocates. This approach offers high levels of scalability and flexibility, which are often difficult to achieve otherwise. But it’s also a subtle way of increasing the engagement of your local customers and helping them shape your products and services and how these are perceived in their respective markets.

Engaging the Multilingual Crowd

At Moravia, we provide multilingual crowdsourcing solutions that help you get the best of the crowdsourced model, integrating it effectively with your other translation processes and workflows. In some cases we manage, develop, and utilize clients' existing crowds. In others we build client-specific crowds from our large and global resource pool.

Over 80% of the crowdsourced projects managed by Moravia have deadlines shorter than 24 hours.

The most typical scenarios for crowdsourced solutions include:

  • Translation of select types of your client- and user-generated content
  • Aggregation and analysis of reviews or user comments, e.g., from blogs, Twitter feeds, and onsite reviews
  • Product evaluation and testing, whether prior to an official release or as part of incremental updates
  • SEO keyword testing – getting the most relevant local terms that you can use to optimize your global on-page or off-page SEO strategies and online campaigns
  • Terminology and style development and management
  • Language quality reviews and assessment

The Pros and Cons

The benefits of crowdsourcing are immediately understandable: it is highly scalable; the workforce is available instantly, and you get as many or as few resources as you require. Many of our clients demand that content be translated by qualified individuals with extreme product knowledge over ever-tighter production schedules. In fact, over 80% of the crowdsourced projects managed by Moravia have deadlines shorter than 24 hours.

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But crowdsourcing has its challenges, too. And the larger the crowd, the greater they are. Those we help address include:

  • Recruiting and engaging the right in-country talent
  • Creating a community where that talent can share their expertise
  • Managing that community to ensure that business requirements are met

We also manage the crowdsourcing process so that when volunteers are not available, professionals can step in and make sure that deadlines and quality standards are kept.

Managing the Crowdsourcing Process

In our experience, the key success factors are effective set-up and management of the crowdsourcing process.

The moderator plays a critical pivotal role. They must engage the community, motivate it, and support it throughout. This is very different from the more traditional role of a localization project manager. It requires different skills and a custom, softer, peer-to-peer approach to the community. At Moravia, we have a pool of trained and experienced community moderators who can strike the right approach, one which will reflect your brand and its values.

The approach you adopt for community recruitment determines the success of your crowdsourcing program. The caliber and the profile of the people you reach and engage matters a lot. Sometimes you may want to make your crowdsourcing recruitment highly visible, as part of your unique brand and style. At other times you may want to recruit your translation community but without advertising your crowdsourcing strategy. At Moravia, we have the channels and experience to help recruit a community to match your preferences.

Finally, collaborative translation tool and platform choices will determine the ultimate productivity of the crowdsourcing process. At Moravia, we are technology-agnostic. We have the experience using and customizing a wide range of collaborative platforms as well as Moravia's online translation platform. And we can help you choose the model that is right for you.

Want to take it further? Request a free assessment on how to engage your local communities for translation and how to integrate them into your existing workflow processes.

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