Linguistic Quality Review

Do you have hidden errors in your localized content? How do you know your translations are completely clear? Banish your worries with a third-party review.

Accuracy issues can cause users to make mistakes.  Cultural faux-pas can damage your brand. Spelling and grammar errors can tank your credibility.

Time to clean up your language. Enter Moravia.  Our Linguistic Quality Review provides you with an independent audit of your translations. We review content against your standards and Style Guides. Then we fix what we found.  The improved quality gives you confidence in the accuracy and precision of your global content.

Ready to go to market with your best foot forward? Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Linguistic quality review: Expert third-party reviewers make sure your translations are top-notch. They look for Style Guide adherence and use of glossary terms.
  • Reviewer training: we can build guidelines or give formal training to any of your in-country partners who are part of the review process. You want to make the best use of their time and have effective review cycles.
  • Metrics and data analysis: We track the number, type, and severity of errors to guide translators to better quality in the future. We look for patterns so we can make permanent fixes. Plus, we can use all that data to make strategic business decisions.

If you’re ready to provide precise linguistic quality to your customers, we’re Moravia. We create language review programs for the world's most quality-obsessed brands.

Additional Resources

Webinar: Optimizing the Process of Language QA

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To find out how Moravia Linguistic Quality Review could meet your quality objectives, please complete the Request for Information form, or see other options for contacting us.

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