Language Quality

Your enterprise needs top quality translations to maintain customer satisfaction and the perception of your brand in market, both of which ultimately lead to increases in sales.

Yet quality doesn’t happen on its own. Processes have to be created, and results must be governed.

Asset Management

A consistent, clear message leads to credibility.  And credibility makes people believe in your brand.  Make sure your content stays the course in your global markets—and people will believe that your product is trustworthy too.

Enter linguistic assets.

Linguistic Quality Review

Do you have hidden errors in your localized content? How do you know your translations are completely clear? Banish your worries with a third party review.

Moravia Language Quality Services help the world’s most prominent brands provide clear, consistent, and accurate content to their consumers.

Moravia Language Quality Services include:

  • Third-party review: sourcing and managing dedicated, independent reviewers who provide continuous quality assurance
  • Linguistic testing: ensuring your website or software maintains linguistic quality via a post-build review
  • Glossary, Style Guide, and TM creation and management: developing company assets to ensure consistency of effort and end result
  • QA consulting: providing the right framework for achieving quality by defining what quality means to your business, building processes, and mapping content types to quality levels
  • Custom quality automations: building custom scripts, tailored to your Style Guides and quality requirements, to identify issues that can be resolved automatically, reducing the risk of human error

Delivered as standalone professional services or as a holistic quality program, Moravia Language Quality Services ensure top-notch quality and increased efficiency in quality processes. We can help prevent embarrassing linguistic bugs before market release, allow busy internal resources to focus on core tasks, provide data to make intelligent business decisions, improve reuse over time, and positively impact customer experience.

If you want to find out how our Language Quality Services could help bring significant quality improvements to your localization program, we’re Moravia.

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