Engineering and Testing

Test and Engineering Managers in organizations of any size today face any number of challenges in preparing their products for a successful global market launch. The need to decrease overall costs of testing is ubiquitous — the pressure to "do more for less" — and calls for smart outsourcing and automation wherever possible.

At the same time, markets and new products require shortening of turnaround times for globalization, and reducing product release cycles - but the existing internal teams frequently face strict headcount limits. Capacity, scalability and the management of production peaks have therefore become a major concern for many organizations.

Due to frequent and short-notice changes in product lifecycles and requirements that are driven by markets and sales, areas like testing and engineering may be often difficult to source. There is a clear need for all globalization-related activities to be well integrated to achieve these goals.

Moravia's dedicated Testing and Engineering unit helps to address these challenges. This dedicated unit focuses solely on providing software product quality assurance and software localization engineering activities required for global product launch. Our testing experience dates back to 1996, and together with our global software localization services, we can offer a true end-to-end integrated outsourcing solution.

Smart Locations

Moravia provides you with a unique combination of near-shore as well as off-shore teams, offering globalization outsourcing services through our main production centers located in two attractive, lower-production-cost locations, Czech Republic and China, coupled with a production hub in Argentina and customer-facing locations across the Americas, Europe and Japan.

This means that wherever you are, wherever you prefer to outsource your testing and engineering, you can work with a team which is located in the same time zone and shares the same values and the cultural, working and communication styles you are accustomed to.

End-to-end Globalization Services

Moravia's comprehensive globalizationservices are an integrated complement of your overall product development lifecycle, and ensure that your products are globalized prior to their international release. At Moravia, we cover the complete cycle that a product undergoes as part of its globalization.

Moravia's services can help you bring your products to the international audience - whether fully or partially localized, or only enabled for international use (internationalized), but in all cases properly tested to ensure your product will meet the quality and functionality requirements of your local customers.

Moravia provides testing and engineering services as a part of a complex localization offering as well as stand-alone services.

The core high-level engineering and testing and solutions are:

Multilingual Capabilities

Moravia will help you release your product into any language, with our full coverage of all European and Asian languages. To date, we have worked on over 120 languages, and have developed a special expertise in the complex double-byte and bi-directional scripts.

Multiplatform Capabilities

Moravia provides a true multiplatform solution, offering the capability of testing on 32bit/64bit environments, Intel, AMD, SPARC and Macintosh platforms, and with support for a wide range of operating systems - Windows, various Linux distributions, Netware, Solaris and Macintosh.

Qualified Testers and Engineers

The Moravia team has experience working for some of the largest and most demanding blue-chip companies on the market, as well as supporting smaller organizations as they look to launch their products globally. Our technical skills and experience match up one-to-one with the needs of the most successful software companies in the world, addressing the three factors important to any customer - time, quality and overall cost.

Process-driven Approach

At Moravia, we are proud of our processes, which are all documented, constantly improved and applied consistently in all our locations. This provides for repeatable, predictable results - release after release, product after product.

This approach helps to avoid surprises. You can have confidence in the success of your projects thanks to Project Managers who are trained and certified in structured project management methodologies.

Information Security

We know that security is all-important, especially as you work to globalize your yet-to-be-released products. For Moravia, security is part of our company culture, and has a full management commitment. Our dedicated Information Security Department has established best practices for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and has proven methods to protect your intellectual property.

To find out how our testing and engineering services could help you release your products to local markets effectively and efficiently, please complete the Request for Information form and we will get back to you shortly, or see other options for contacting us.

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