Mobile Applications

Today, Apple’s AppStore promotes more than a half a million apps developed for its iOS mobile platform. While the Google-backed, open-source Android app marketplace lags behind, the Android operating system still claims the greatest number of devices with more than 50 percent of a global market share. And Windows Phone -- the driver behind Nokia phones in the post-Symbian period -- has garnered impressive reviews and a significant edge in the market within a short period of time.

The native language of the world’s mobile phone using community is not English. Not surprisingly, this absolutely thriving global market for smartphones and related mobile technology is driving demand for translation and localization services for app developers.

As an app developer, can you afford to ignore the real revenue that lies just beyond your own country’s borders? Apple does not think so, and that is why it boasts a user interface localized into over 30 languages, over 50 different keyboard layouts with support for language-specific features, and voice control features that recognize over 20 languages.

Knowledge Center: How to Launch a Multilingual Mobile App

How to Launch a Multilingual Mobile App

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Whether your app software is for buyers of business productivity, gaming, entertainment, or social media apps, your consumer will expect an experience that looks, feels, sounds, and performs as if it were produced by software developers from their hometown. And between the possible landmines presented by local slang, cultural sensitivities, and locale-specific market behaviors even a free app needs a hand from a language service provider that understands more than “how apps work.”

Moravia brings experience and expertise in translation, localization, and testing of mobile apps to application developers worldwide. We translate IT software for mobile communications and its marketing into more than 120 languages to serve the most remote markets, but also bring considerable experience in the major smartphone markets (e.g., Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, and the United States).

We provide services for your programmers as well as marketing and communication managers to help your company:

  • Prepare your app software for localization for any platform
  • Design a UI that handles foreign character sets and even right-to-left languages
  • Anticipate the display and keyboard challenges of devices built for foreign markets
  • Provide a positive purchasing experience for your buyers in their own languages
  • Understand best practices in mobile app development for global markets
  • Test your app for any language on any device with any mobile operating system

With native-speaking translators both in house and in our global network, Moravia’s goal is to produce translations that bring the nuance of language from the point of purchase on through use of your mobile app.  Whether business-speak, slang, or colloquialisms, we can help you deliver a truly authentic experience to the local buyer.

Because the mobile market is fast-paced, Moravia also pledges responsive project management and fast project turnarounds -- promises we can keep by using the tools of the trade, such as translation memory, style guides, and terminology management systems.

Are you ready to hire a translator for your apps for Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone? Request a free assessment and we will get back to you shortly, or see other options for contacting us.