Core Values

We started our journey, back in the early 1990s, with passion about languages and technologies. We wanted to combine these into a professional service to help companies make their products available in local languages, customized for the local cultures.

Since at that time the Moravia team all came from non-English speaking countries, we understood and acutely felt the need for high quality localized content and products coming from English-speaking countries.

We also wanted to make this world a better place and help provide access to the latest technologies and information to people across the world in the languages they spoke and understood. We wanted to help people communicate with the world at large and make an impact outside their national environments.

The early 1990s were a period of breaking down barriers between countries and opening up markets — and production locations — to companies everywhere in the world. This has helped to enrich the lives of millions of people around the world, and enabled them better realize their potential. We wanted to be part of this.

This ethos continues to be embedded in the company and to define the role we see for ourselves in the world. It has also helped to shape the following mission, vision and our core values, which guide our day-to-day work.

At Moravia, we want to be the leader in providing expertise and customized solutions to our clients on their journey to global markets by being flexible in our thinking and reliable in our delivery.

Our Vision

Our client-oriented teams are experts in developing relationships and their goal is 100% client satisfaction. Our financial performance, growth and profitability are all a result of our focus on clients. Our employees are the best talent in the industry, and they are in the center of the client relationship. Our people's long-term commitment to our clients makes Moravia different.

We aspire to attract the most innovative customers and talent on the planet. We provide a radical scalability. Moravia is the best link between our clients' needs and the most optimal services offered in the markets.

We are powered by workflow automation platform and quality automation, boosted by machine translation — these tools are core and homegrown. We are technology-agnostic regarding other tools integrated into our platform — the most optimal ones are used.

Our Core Values

  • Human: Down to earth, Respectful, Engaging
    • You treat your colleagues, partners and customers with respect, regardless of hierarchy or difference in opinion.
    • You are practical in your decision-making and engage in problem-solving.
  • Reliable: Experienced, Transparent, Steady
    • You gain and share knowledge and information openly and proactively.
    • You deliver what you promise so you colleagues and customers can rely on you.
  • Creative: Pro-active, Inventive, Active minds
    • You learn fast and eagerly.
    • You seek to understand the business we operate in, our strategy and our customers' needs.
    • You have an open mind for improvements and generate ideas that can benefit our service delivery.
  • Determined: Focused, Passionate, Winning mentality
    • You inspire others with your drive and focus on excellence in delivery. You never give up.
    • You care about Moravia’s success and you celebrate wins.

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